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Hey there!

I work at SSA Group in SSA Data department and recently enrolled in the Microsoft Professional Certification Program on Big Data which consists of 10 courses. I’d like to be sharing my progress with you in a form of short notes where I will be writing about thoughts and ideas that will be coming to my mind after completing each course. The first note will be just a small overview of the entire program to give you a better idea of what it is about. So, let’s get started!

The Microsoft Professional Program was designed to help people gain technical knowledge and real-world experience. The Program consists of a range of online courses on Data Science, Big Data, Front-End Web Development, Cloud Administration, DevOps, and IT Support. Each lecture features hands-on labs and expert instructors, which are to help you go deeper into the one or another technological area and understand their peculiarities.

I decided to select a course on Big Data. Why? Because today the value of data is increasing exponentially making it something like a “currency” of the next generation of business. Therefore, I think it’s critical to know how to design the systems that capture, process, and analyze data to create competitive advantage.

I’m about to begin taking online lectures and will keep you updated on the ideas and points I will be gaining while completing this program.

Thanks for your attention, stay tuned!