Betting Secret Horse

Secret Horse, a Smart Solution for Bets Placement Automation



Today sports betting and gambling are not only a source of excitement but also a very profitable business for millions of people worldwide. At the age of digitalization, the online channel has been the fastest-growing section of the global gaming market, what makes betting and gambling organizations create innovative technologies, products, and marketing solutions to offer a superb experience to their customers and gain competitive advantage.


Today’s global betting and gaming market is large and diverse, with a wide range of products. SSA Data team decided not to stay aside, but to immerse into the boiling gambling environment and to roll-out cutting-edge betting solutions to existing markets and enter new markets in the near future.




Highly intermittent nature of gaming industry implies that processes and conditions are constantly changing. In order to control and operate these changes efficiently, users require reliable solutions capable of organizing a fully automated cycle of placing bets. The main challenge for SSA Data engineers was to develop an efficient way of automating bets placing processes on popular bookmaker websites and large betting platforms involved in horse racing alike.




Before initiating the development of the project, SSA Data engineering team had to first explore dynamics of estimated odds against bookmaker odds to find the most profitable bets. To do this, developers had to grab odds every 1 to 5 seconds to get further insights, which was a very challenging matter in terms of both system performance and anti-crawling techniques applied on the websites. Engineers spent over a month to conduct preliminary research before they could finally come up with the solution.


SSA Data engineers designed a three-layer architecture for the perspective system and divided the project development cycle into three major parts. The first stage was devoted to the creation of the database and Web API around it for accessing the data in different applications on different platforms. A great number of web crawling modules of different complexity for horse racing events were also created during the first development stage. The web crawling techniques and methodologies applied by SSA Data engineers represented a state-of-the-art approach based on high performance, stability, reliability, and quality of data.


During the second stage of the project, development engineers managed to complete a desktop-based automated betting application with a user-friendly front-end, increased personalization, and innovative system algorithms for quicker bet placement.


The last project phase engineers spent creating the system dashboard website. The control panel was designed to provide users with up-to-date and relevant data regarding their bets.


The final system represented an all-in-one solution built solely on Microsoft technologies including .NET and MS SQL 2014.




The developed system is unique for the marketplace as it can collect, store, and process huge amounts of betting-related data and come up with its own solutions on how to process data flow thanks to built-in machine learning algorithms. 


During the years engineers continue to make incremental improvements to the product and implement innovative betting features that increase users’ chances of winning and enhance their potential winning returns.


Today the system is used by 200+ clients worldwide, helping them make bets successfully and processing over $1 million every month.









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