Business Intelligence


We know how much potential is hidden in the huge pools of data, and we help our clients unlock it. With 12+ years of working in this field, we guide businesses through the world of data and enable them to use its perks to their advantage. Over these years, we’ve worked on custom business intelligence solutions aimed at solving security, analytics, and big data processing tasks, among other things.

  What Projects Do We Offer You to Peek At?

We help businesses get the most out of their data sets with our business intelligence software. In the past, we’ve worked with clients operating in such industries as healthcare, digital marketing, and big data analytics. You can also find large U.S. and European businesses among our clients.

As for the particular businesses challenges clients tasked us with overcoming, they include:


  • Protecting healthcare data from unauthorized access;
  • Collecting and processing large pools of data on current market prices and their changes;
  • Optimizing decision making and helping the client predict market trends, revenues, and new business opportunities with business intelligence analytics.

 Business Intelligence Tools 

 What Will You Find Out from Our Case Studies?

In our case studies, you’ll discover all the peculiarities of our cooperation with the client, the solution, and the development process itself. In particular, you’ll learn:


  • Who our client was and what their business specifics were (industry/niche);
  • What business challenges we were presented with;
  • What solution we offered and how we executed it;
  • What value we delivered to the client with our services;
  • What business intelligence tools and technologies we used to do it.


While you read the case studies, keep in mind – they are just a tiny fraction of the business intelligence software projects we’ve been working on! In any case, you should look through our case studies if you want to see our expertise in action.


Wait no more – check out the results of our work to see how we use our skills and experience in practice in order to deliver state-of-the-art business intelligence solutions. Maybe, your project will become one of the case studies on this page – you just need to reach out to us and kick off our cooperation!