Big Data Processing Solution for Leading Digital Analytics Company 2

Big Data Processing Solution for Leading Digital Analytics Company



Our client is a large rapidly developing American big data analytics company that offers top-ranked services to help their customers get valuable insights out of the data flows through data matching, profiling, deduplication, and enrichment tools. Our client consistently delivers secure, scalable, and robust solutions to the customers across diverse industry verticals to help business people make data-driven decisions to boost their big data projects and increase profitability.




The exponential growth of the digital economy has enabled the rise of business models based on the collection and processing of large amounts of data. Many firms found tremendous opportunities in the utilization of big data for the development of products and services aimed at improving decision-making, forecasting, and better consumer segmentation and targeting. Not surprisingly, companies started to fight for acquiring a competitive advantage over rivals.


In order to prove their leadership in the boiling marketplace, our client set out to develop a high-loaded, real-time desktop application capable of cleansing, categorizing, and standardizing a huge amount of unclassified data. By using a wide range of advanced proprietary algorithms, the solution was intended to help retailers anticipate product trends, optimize strategic business decisions, predict new revenue streams, and discover new business opportunities.


The client assigned the project to the dedicated team of the software engineers from SSA Data thanks to their profound technical expertise and ability to provide the business-centric implementation approaches, that went beyond traditional development approaches.




SSA Data engineers conducted an in-depth audit of the client’s requirements and performed a range of comprehensive brainstorm sessions in order to design the architecture and perform a security assessment of the product before launching the development phase.


The unique combination of smart hardware and software solutions along with leveraging of state-of-the-art technologies made it possible to develop an exceptional product that allowed users to upload data from a wide range of sources, including database and CRM systems, social network, and ODBC drivers. The powerful crawlers implemented could scrape data files in various formats quickly and efficiently, collecting information from the deepest data layers.


After collecting the data required, the system cleared, structured, and classified it in accordance with the list of complicated properties in the shortest time possible, due to innovative algorithms embedded.


Furthermore, SSA Data engineers made the solution available in English and Spanish languages to enable our client to expand their business presence overseas.




The system delivered by SSA Data engineers empowers organizations to get a better picture of their business through big data. The implementation of the advanced high-quality tools and algorithms into the solution allowed to provide a superior level of service and security unmatched in the industry.


The SSA Data developers keep working on the solution, constantly making incremental changes to adapt the system’s functions and operations to the ever-evolving market needs and provide users with more advanced and innovative functionality and experience.









CSV export
Data collection
XML parsing
Excel import/export
JSON parsing
Data import
Multi-language support
Products data import