Custom Information Security Solution for Dental Services Provider 2

Custom Information Security Solution for Dental Services Provider



Our client is a large German dental clinic that provides comprehensive and cost-effective dental care to patients of all ages. Our client helps their patients with all of the dental needs, including all general dentistry, specialty, and advanced dental services.


With a balance of great service and cutting-edge dental technology, our client is committed to providing every patient with top-quality oral health care.




Healthcare information is usually very valuable yet very vulnerable since cyber criminals can sell stolen healthcare data on the black market to rival agencies or other criminals and use the data in illegal and fraudulent financial transactions.


Today many healthcare organizations are taking steps towards improving their data protection strategies and securing storage, processing, and transmission of their patients’ health information. As practice shows, the possible compromising on information security can lead to data breaches that, in turn, can have a highly detrimental and severe effect on business operations, budget, and reputation.


In order to safeguard confidential data and not to let it leave the walls of the clinic, our client set out to develop a Virtual Printer System to enable secure transmission of confidential data within the organizational network.




In order to turn their idea into tangible results, the client decided to join the efforts with engineers from SSA Data, as we had a proven track record of working on projects of similar scope and complexity, providing professional assistance in the issues connected with data security.


The project began from the creation of a special printing module, which was integrated into Windows Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers. After the first module was deployed and fully tested, engineers started working on the second component of the project. The second module represented a windows services-based system, capable of monitoring certain directories and sending documents, uploaded to this directory, to the indicated web service, assuring a safe and reliable transition of data.




The set of complex approaches used by cybercriminals to steal healthcare information can identify and exploit even the smallest loopholes in security systems and networks of healthcare providers. SSA Data delivered a custom tailored information security solution that could protect one of the most important data transition channels, minimizing the risk of data leakage or third party’s intrusion.






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