Innovative Data Analytics Platform for Market Intelligence Solutions Leader 2

Innovative Data Analytics Platform for Market Intelligence Solutions Leader



In the business world, knowledge of the competitive landscape is essential for understanding the marketplace and having an ability to make rational decisions and undertake the right steps. Our client is a large digital company that provides profitable online marketing insights that enable their customers to find market opportunities and address competitive threats. By utilizing advanced cloud-computing technologies, the team of over 50 professionals develops solutions that help users monitor the market, identify opportunities, and make decisions on the creation of successful pricing and product strategies.




Today, due to extremely high competition, gaining customer attention and loyalty is quite a challenging matter that requires market players to provide products and services of exceptional quality. Our client was in search of a partner who would be able to assist in the creation of a reliable, user-friendly, high-speed solution capable of collecting and processing massive amounts of data on market pricing dynamics.


This solution was expected to be applied by marketing management staff in sales corporations to help them understand where their competitors were positioning themselves on the market and get insight into the competitors’ strategy for encouraging a proactive approach rather than a defensive response.


As SSA Data was ready to provide a dedicated team of professionals with extensive domain knowledge and large technology expertise, able to resolve all non-standard client's request in time, the client selected our team as a trusted partner for the realization of their business goals.




After the requirements were collected and the project goals were identified, SSA Data engineers embarked on the development of the project. During the intensive development process, where the most state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks were applied, engineers managed to develop a solid product, that matched all the client’s expectations.


The solution represented an advanced B2B, high-loaded OLTP/DW system, with an extensive set of embedded tools, widgets, and alerts that could perform export and import functions, process and analyze large amounts of data. 7 powerful crawlers implemented in the system parsed and collected data from the websites that included up to 5.000 online trading platforms, providing users with invaluable data.


The reports generated by the system enabled users to monitor ratings and reviews, left by visitors on competitors’ websites. Furthermore, the graphic elements, displayed in reports, allowed the marketers to get statistics on price dynamics and changes in competitors’ product range.


SSA Data engineers are still involved in the support and maintenance of the system, constantly adding new features, updating components, and improving the overall performance and productivity of the software.




SSA Data engineers developed and delivered an advanced data analytics software that can provide users with actionable market data beyond what was previously available, to enable users act quickly and with confidence in making innovative commercial decisions. This software helps companies create efficient business strategies by fast resolution of pricing issues, minimizing financial loss, and protecting brand value. The provided solution helps entrepreneurs take eCommerce to a new level, thereby increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.













Data search
Email scraping
HTML parsing
Data crawling
CSV export
Data collection
XML parsing
Excel import/export
Email notifications
JSON parsing
Captcha recognition
Data import
Products data import
SQL Server reporting services
SQL Server agent