Data Connectors


Data connectors we create enable our clients to collect data from various sources and gather it in one place or process accumulated information in a fast and efficient manner. They are integral for document management software and can be used to create a link with a certain file or platform.

Over the years, we’ve designed and developed data connectors for various purposes, including ones for digital marketing platforms. You can see some examples of what we can do in our case studies dedicated specifically to this type of solutions.

  What Projects Do We Offer You to Peek At?

We have worked on data connectors meant to both serve as a standalone solution and be integrated into other document management software systems. As we believe that gaining expertise comes only with a sharp focus on a certain niche, we specialize in a particular type of data connectors – the ones interacting with CMS, such as: 


  • WordPress;
  • Magento;
  • SharePoint;
  • Kentico;
  • Umbraco, and others.


As for the scope of use cases, our solutions help companies in a number of industries reach their business goals. For instance, we’ve developed data connectors for digital marketing platforms. Yet, we are not limited by the scope of the solutions we’ve created in the past – we are looking forward to challenges in our future as well.

Data Connectors Tools

  What Will You Find Out from Our Case Studies?

From our case studies, you will learn about all the peculiarities of the project. They include:


  • Who our client was in that case;
  • What challenges they needed to overcome;
  • What solution we developed;
  • How we cooperated with the client;
  • What value we delivered.


Be it a solution for a cloud document management system or an event planning app, you’ll learn all the details of the project and see how we use our expertise in practice. Most importantly, our case studies are the best way to see that we are experts not only in our words but in our actions as well.