Database Administration

Here at SSA Data, we work hard to bring top-notch database administration services to our clients. We provide a full spectrum of services in this field, from designing and developing databases to managing and maintaining them to creating data analysis solutions if needed.


 database administration

 What Projects Do We Engage In?

Over the years, we’ve done a lot for our clients’ databases, but the result stayed the same: their databases were optimized, up and running and well-monitored. We specialize in working with the following database administration tools:


  • Microsoft SQL Server (Analysis, Integration, and Reporting Services);
  • ApexSQL (Monitor, Data Diff, Diff tools);
  • Microsoft Azure;
  • SQL Monitor;
  • dbForge Studio for MySQL.


As you can see, these database administration tools are more than enough for us to take care of any database, regardless of its type, size, or complexity (and because they are in the right hands, of course). We pay close attention to the database and its condition, as well as the challenges that the client asks us to overcome.


Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we make our clients happy and relieved of their issues with what we deliver, be it a new database architecture or data analysis solutions. We also take into account all the specifics of the client’s business and niche they operate in to ensure that our solutions are exactly what they need.


All in all, we invite you to learn more about how we work with our clients and what results we achieve from our case studies. (If you’d like to take a look at more testimonials and case studies, you can always reach out to us with this request.)