Comprehensive Search Platform for Intellectual Property Law Practitioners 2

Comprehensive Search Platform for Intellectual Property Law Practitioners



Our client is a full-service intellectual property law analysis and consulting agency based in the United States. They provide a wide range of professional services to large multi-national corporations, as well as to emerging market companies and startups, helping customers maximize the value of their intellectual property and intangible assets.


With years of experience in litigation, licensing, and other patent protection related issues, our client helps customers deal with the myriad of challenges and complexities for successful intellectual property management.




In order to provide their customers with an exceptional experience and to enlarge their market share, our client set out to develop a solution comprised of two major components.


The first component required was a data mining and web-crawling application that would be able to extract data from the related online portals. Then all the collected files with customized file names were expected to be uploaded and stored to either a remote server or a local server in the form of a comprehensive relational database.


Furthermore, our client was looking for a customized search portal with a user-friendly UI where Intellectual Property practitioners, academics, and businesses could instantly find the relevant data files.


Our client selected SSA Data as a reliable partner for working on this complex solution as we could provide our extensive technical expertise and a fully committed team of professionals to deliver a product of superior quality.




SSA Data engineers began with the creation of a powerful web crawling software that could collect data from the related online portals.


The next stage was devoted to the creation of a tool built on Tesseract that could recognize the data retrieved. Then the processed data was downloaded in various formats and stored to the MS SQL Server specifically created by SSA Data engineers. The downloaded data was expected to be searched by a number of criteria.


During the next development stage, SSA Data team created a searchable online platform where the downloaded data, turned into high-resolution PDF files, was stored. The platform was built on ASP.NET MVC and AngularJs.


Furthermore, SSA Data team implemented Email Delivery Service using SendGrid, that could notify the users about new patents uploaded to the search platform, so they could always keep an eye on the latest patents and trademarks registered across the United States.


At the time being engineers are involved in the development of a custom document parsing utility using RegEx, capable of extracting specific data from the files uploaded to the existing search platform. This data is converted into a searchable word document, or into a spreadsheet, or a combination of both. The users with premium accounts now can retrieve very specific and exclusive information that represents the highest value for them.




SSA Data team created an advanced online search platform with effective search algorithms and powerful filters, that empowers a wide variety of users - from litigators and prosecutors to legal scholars and students – to save much time and effort and get all the required information in a fast and convenient manner.


SSA Data engineers delivered a solid set of solutions that exceeded customer’s expectations and enabled them to outperform their competitors within Intellectual Property Law sphere.









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