OCR Solutions


Here at SSA Data, we specialize in delivering optical character recognition solutions to empower businesses with the benefits of this technology. Aimed at converting the data in scanned or photographed documents into text files and whole databases, our OCR solutions have already helped a number of companies to get rid of manual input tasks and speed up their processes.

  What Projects Do We Offer You to Peek At?

We deliver OCR recognition software solutions that are capable of extracting data in any format, be it handwritten, typed, or printed. Developed with Tesseract, iText, and/or Ghostscript (which are open-source OCR software tools), they streamline processes and relieve companies’ employees from having to spend time typing the information they already have. The benefits of the solutions are obvious: saved time, faster operations, and reduced costs in terms of the tasks related to data input.

Depending on the client’s needs, we ensure that the recognized data is converted to the data formats of the database used by the client. Furthermore, as we opt for using open-source OCR software, we make our services affordable for any budget without compromising on the quality.

  OCR Solutions

  What Will You Find Out from Our Case Studies?

As it is with all of our case studies, we have structured the details about the project into six comprehensive sections to enhance your reading experience: 


  • Background information about our client;
  • Business challenges we had to resolve for the client;
  • A brief description of the project itself – how the development process was taking place and what solution we were creating;
  • The added value that our client received as the benefit of our cooperation;
  • The technology stack used for making the solution a reality;
  • The features that the solution included.


What is more important, our case studies are not just stories of our cooperation. They reflect our expertise in OCR recognition software development. So, if you are still uncertain whether we are a good fit for your needs, make sure to check out our case studies and see how we work and what we can deliver.

So, what are you still waiting for? Take a look at our optical character recognition solutions to see what we are capable of!