Web Crawling


It’s not our first or even fifth year in this type of technologies. We’ve been delivering web crawler software to our clients for 12+ years as of now, so we are good at this. We would like to substantiate this claim as we know that words remain just words without any proof. So, we gathered information about our most prominent web crawler tool solutions and put it into these comprehensive case studies.


  What Projects Do We Offer You to Peek At?

When it comes to web crawling, we provide a whole spectrum of services to fit our clients’ needs. In particular, we deliver data harvesting, scraping, and crawling solutions, including the ones based on the best open-source web crawler tools. Our expertise in this field includes (but is not limited to, of course) working on:

  • A web scraping solution for a German-based R&D institute designed to automatically download displayed information rather than copying and pasting it;
  • An automated web crawler for a digital marketing agency aimed at scraping data from classified websites;
  • A web crawler tool for a professional services provider aimed at collecting and processing niche-related data from a particular website;
  • A data collection solution for a global food processing company that needed to streamline this process;
  • A data collection solution for a real estate agency developed for extraction purposes.


Thanks to our solutions, our clients could streamline certain operations (thus saving their employees’ time and reducing costs). In certain cases, they could use the whole potential of all the data available online to keep track of the trends in their niche market and increase their competitiveness.


Web crawling tools

  What Will You Find Out from Our Case Studies?

To make sure you grasp the essence of the project we were working on, we included both contextual and technical details. So, you’ll see at a glance:

  • Who our client was;
  • What business challenges we were presented with;
  • What our solution and development were;
  • What value we delivered with our solution.

All in all, our web crawler software case studies speak volumes for themselves. Lean back and enjoy!


Haven’t found a case for a similar solution you’ve been looking forward to developing with our help? Fear not, we always welcome challenges as overcoming them with our level of expertise is just another pleasant adventure.