Classifieds websites are websites where people can browse, view, post ads as well as buy or sell anything they want. Usually, classifieds websites are well maintained and have a considerable amount of traffic, which provides a high chance of someone finding an advertiser's ad on the Internet and making a positive response intended. Thanks to the Classified websites, people can shop through multiple categories, ranging from user goods, pets and cars to apartments, services and jobs, all within a single website - all this attracts considerable amounts of people to become advertisers and buyers at Classifieds. 


Classifieds websites are often scraper by competitor websites and by small and medium-sized companies operating in a particular niche presented at a Classified website with the purpose of having actual data on a regular basis and being able to build a target database, present and search through that data at some other resource. Additionally, contact information of advertisers is often scraped with the aim of its further use for marketing purposes.


Classifieds are usually well protected and do not reveal much of the data easily, which sometimes requires additional effort to automate the scraping process.