Powerful Data Harvesting Tools for Global Food Processing Company 2

Powerful Data Harvesting Tools for Global Food Processing Company



Our client is a global food processing and commodities trading corporation, that operates production facilities in over 150 countries, where raw materials are transformed into high-quality ingredients that serve the vital needs in food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial, and animal feed industries worldwide. Our client also provides the world’s premier agricultural storage and transportation services, constantly making sure they satisfy all the needs of their customers.




For keeping their leading market position, supporting sustainable growth, and bringing exceptional value to shareholders and customers, our client planned to expand their presence to Singapore and Malaysia regions. They made a particular business focus on restaurants and catering services, aiming to provide them with a full range of wholesome food and products to help local businesses save time and costs while maximizing their financial returns.


Taking into account a massive amount of companies involved in restaurant and catering business, our client was in search of cutting-edge tools that would automate and streamline the data collection process by harvesting data fragments across multiple web locations.


The client reached out to SSA Data team for working on this project as we had a proven track record of excellence and substantial experience in helping successful companies achieve superior results in a fraction of the time and cost.




During the first stage of the project, SSA Data professionals developed a scrapping tool for collecting data from www.stclassifieds.sg and www.sgpbusiness.com. Both sources are leading full-service directory platforms in Singapore and Malaysia where users can find the relevant data on tens of thousands of business profiles.


The client was also willing to retrieve data from Google Maps that features over 100 million businesses and points of interest that are updated frequently through owner-verified listings and user-moderated contributions using the same search criteria. The second phase of the project was devoted to the implementation of Google Places crawling logic for all Google Places API types for providing the client with hands-on business information about restaurants and catering services based in Singapore and Malaysia.


Furthermore, SSA Data engineers developed and deployed an advanced email scraper. The solution represented a desktop application that used URLs of the websites collected by the web scraping tools from directory platforms. By visiting internal links of the niche related websites, the delivered email scraper could extract emails, zip codes, addresses, and operation hours even from the deepest data layers. This powerful email scraper enabled our client to fully automate the extraction of all the available email addresses from the targeted web sites. After crawling the websites, email scraper exported massive amount of relevant data into xls format, suitable for spreadsheet applications, email clients, and databases.




The team of professionals from SSA Data delivered innovative and powerful web scraping solutions, that combined best-in-class features, capable of crawling highly complex websites and turning in-depth web content into structured data. The implemented software allowed our client to gain full access to the vast amount of data that helped them conduct highly efficient marketing campaigns to excel above their competitors and maintain a leading position in the extremely competitive business environment.









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