Web Crawling Solutions for Global Professional Services Provider

Web Crawling Solutions for Global Professional Services Provider



Our client is a leading global professional services company that offers a full spectrum of solutions in strategy, consulting, technologies and operations designed to solve all the issues business owners might face. Our client applies deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to help business leaders achieve practical results with real impact across 40+ industries.


With a global presence in over 100 countries, our client works at the intersection of business and technology, driving innovation and creating sustainable value for their customers and stakeholders.




In a constantly evolving business environment, an ability to capture and use data is critically important for shaping products, services, and business strategies. Companies that invest in data and analytics gain competitive intelligence on future market conditions, target customers more successfully, and optimize operations and supply chains that help generate more profit.


In order to keep an eye on the current market situation and be able to undertake strategic steps, our client was in search of the solution that would empower them to gain the most up-to-date jobs-related information form glassdoor.com. As glassdoor.com holds a growing database of millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, and more, the information retrieved from this platform represents a great value for many modern market players.




After the requirements were collected and the ultimate goal was identified, SSA Data engineers launched the development phase. As glassdoor.com was a powerful data platform with multiple security levels, the realization of the project was quite a challenging matter.


One of the biggest challenges during the project development became browser identification function that was embedded into the platform and prevented sending a big number of queries by replying with captcha.


SSA Data engineers created an innovative service that solved the problem with the help of IP rotation and client identification when dealing with captcha. The service scanned Free Proxy available on Free Proxy the web sites with the frequency predefined, checked the possibility to use Proxy at each target website, and saved these Proxy addresses into the database for further use.


After the development process was finished, our client received a comprehensive desktop scraping application with a user-friendly interface, MS SQL database, and web crawlers for scraping jobs and companies related data from glassdoor.com




The SSA Data team delivered cutting edge solutions, that encompassed top-ranked capabilities for scraping and extracting valuable data from the complex and thoroughly protected data vaults. The delivered solution enabled our client to undertake proactive business steps and make valuable data-driven decisions for assuring sustainable business growth.








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HTML parsing
Data crawling
CSV export
Data collection
XML parsing
Captcha recognition