Data Collection Software for Real Estate Industry Leader 2

Data Collection Software for Real Estate Industry Leader



Our client is a large independent real estate brokerage agency that acts as owner, investor, buyer, and sellers of both residential and commercial real estate, getting deals of any scope and complexity successfully closed.


Being a part of an international brokerage network, our client cooperates with over 155.000 agents in 800+ offices in more than 30 countries around the world that enables them to have a consistent flow of market inventory to satisfy the most exquisite needs of their customers.


The mission of our client is to navigate real estate transactions through the eyes of their customers to protect their most valuable assets and provide professional solutions to help reach their real estate goals.




In order to keep an eye on the market situation and navigate the transaction landscape from client introduction to closing, real estate agencies should complete an in-depth search of the properties listed across multiple data providing platforms. Taking into account, that many platforms provide lists that include thousands of records, manual search, and monitoring performed by agents become a very time-consuming and ineffective process.


To facilitate and speed up the data gathering process, the client appointed SSA Data to develop a fast and efficient web scrapping software capable of coping with highly complex data extraction tasks.




The project began in three iterations launched simultaneously. The first iteration was devoted to the creation of a web crawler for the, a large platform that provides real estate agencies with real estate listings as well as with building information. During the second stage SSA Data engineers created a web crawler for the collection of data from, a well-known business-to-business broker tool that provides data resources to over 8,000 licensed agents.


In order to have the most explicit and valuable information on the current market situation, the client wanted to have not only real estate listings, but the data on the real estate owners as well. The engineers developed a cutting-edge web crawler for a people search engine capable of processing billions of records and extract the relevant and required data.




The web scraping solution developed by the SSA Data team helped our client to have the most up-to-date and relevant data about real estate market condition for preparing statistics and customer behavior analytics. By automating their data extraction needs, SSA Data engineers helped the client significantly save valuable time and money, and focus on providing a seamless experience to their customers.









Data search
Email scraping
HTML parsing
Data crawling
CSV export
Data collection
XML parsing
Excel import/export
JSON parsing
Captcha recognition
Common language runtime
SQL Server integration