Data Connectors

Data connectors are pieces of code that allow harvesting data from third-party sources and analyze it if needed. Data connectors bring all the needed data in one place, thus powering any document management system. We specialize in developing data connectors for collecting and processing data available at various content management systems.

  What We Offer

When it comes to data connectors, our spectrum of services allows our clients to enjoy the following:


  • Powering marketing automation tools. With data connectors integrated with CMS, you can gain access to insights about both eCommerce businesses and their customers and ‘feed’ this information to your marketing automation tool;
  • Gathering all the data in one place. Data connectors allow creating a whole ecosystem where all the necessary data is shared and accessible to all of its nodes;
  • Reaching any data on the web you need. With a data connector solution, you can get your hands on any data that may help you achieve your business goals, all while this is fully automated and, thus, time-efficient and productive.

 document management system


  What CMS We Work With

We are working with these five most popular CMS:


  • WordPress;
  • Magento;
  • SharePoint;
  • Kentico;
  • Umbraco.


With the help of the received information, you can not only set up your own marketing automation tools but also collect data on your competitors and gain insights into how you can beat them. In case you are after a comprehensive document management system, our solutions will help you make it a full-fledged ecosystem and avoid manual data input.