Kentico, CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing Platform

Kentico is all-in-one e-commerce, content management system (CMS), and online marketing platform. Kentico has a rich functionality and an extensive customizable feature set that ensures a quick web development process.


The functionality of Kentico CMS covers such areas:

  • e-commerce
  • web content management
  • online marketing
  • online communities
  • intranet and collaboration


Kentico uses standard technologies which allow its straightforward deployment and maintenance on the servers. This is possible due to ability for developers to use the same code for a dedicated server, shared hosting, and the cloud and easily move a website to a different hosting environment. Kentico is based on standard ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. The software allows to develop new sites without programming through an intuitive browser-based interface with 450+ ready-to-use web parts based on standard ASCX user controls. These parts cover a wide range of functionality, using Microsoft Visual Studio.


Developers can customize the standard platform using the Kentico open API and create their own modules, web parts, widgets, and other extensions needed for specific requirements and customize page templates, and documents. Kentico is compatible with Microsoft Azure so websites can be deployed directly from Microsoft Visual Studio onto the Microsoft Azure platform.


Kentico features Continuous Integration module that allows developers to move coding and data changes from one environment to another automatically and synchronize them before storing in the Source Control without any data loss. The code and data are stored in stable and readable XML files. All team members can access all code and data changes in the Source Control anytime to continue the development process.


The Kentico platform has the built-in Integration Bus module that allows to integrate with any number of external systems and synchronize data in both directions from a single point. There is the built-in Team Development module that allows developers to lock object they are working on so that nobody could overwrite it what assures safe and efficient ream work. Kentico offers scalable solutions for websites of any size with SQL server replication and web farm support.


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