SharePoint, a Team Collaboration Software Tool

SharePoint is a cloud service and a collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office launched in 2001 as a storage and document management system. Currently, Microsoft claims it has over 190 million users across 200,000 organizations that use SharePoint as a digital workplace for teams and departments.


SharePoint refers to different SharePoint technologies and products that include:


  • SharePoint Online is a web-based service hosted by Microsoft used by businesses of all sizes which can subscribe to a standalone online service or to Office 365 plan. Organizations and businesses can create websites to share all kinds of documents and information.
  • SharePoint Server that has all the features of SharePoint foundation can be installed and managed on-premises. Besides, SharePoint Server includes additional features such as business intelligence, enterprise content management, enterprise search, newsfeed, and personal sites.
  • SharePoint Foundation is not available separately now but it's free for on-premises deployment. It's the underlying technology for building all SharePoint sites. Users can create all types of sites to collaborate and share documents, data, lists, etc.
  • SharePoint Designer 2013 is free software used to create workflow-enabled solutions and edit content for external data solutions that based on Business Connectivity Services.
  • OneDrive for Business Sync is a desktop program that can be used to sync documents from OneDrive for Business or a team website to a user’s computer for offline use.


Developers can use SharePoint technologies to build adds-in, apps, and solutions for SharePoint for their enterprise or customer needs. SharePoint has several key technologies to support modern development techniques and tools:


  • SharePoint Framework that provides full support for implementing client-side user experiences and allows building responsive and mobile-ready apps
  • SharePoint webhooks that allow to build apps that subscribe to get notifications on specific events happening in SharePoint
  • Microsoft Flow for implementing processes that allows to create automated workflow between services and apps
  • Microsoft Graph APIs to access data at SharePoint from anywhere