2Capthca, Solving and Image Recognition Service

2Captcha is an automated image and captcha recognition service that connects the service’s customers who need to recognize lots of captchas in real time and the workers who earn money solving captchas. All the captchas are recognized by company’s employees so the service can identify all captchas that can be recognized and read by real people. 2Captcha service can recognize text captchas and such graphical captchas as FunCaptcha, Asirra, ReCaptcha V2, and more. 2Captcha is not limited only to solving captchas because the customers can ask to convert to text any image that humans can identify.


Users who have registered on the service’s website are provided with an API available in almost all programming languages and that allows them to automate the entire process and integrate their software with 2Captcha service. On their account settings page, users can get their API key that they have to use for all their requests to 2Captcha server. They have to submit their HTTP POST request to 2Captcha’s API URL and provide specific parameters about the type of captcha they want to be solved. After some time, they need to submit HTTP GET request to the service’s API URL and receive the result. If something goes wrong, the server returns an error code as plain text or as JSON if a user provides json=1 parameter.


2Captcha can recognize any currently known captcha. The service helps users with solving such types of captchas:


  • Audio Captcha
  • Text Captcha
  • Normal Captcha
  • ClickCaptcha
  • Invisible ReCaptcha V2
  • ReCaptcha V2
  • RotateCaptcha


The rates for solving captchas depend on the type of captcha and on the method that is used for solving it. The rates for solving Text Captchas and Normal Captchas are flexible and they also depend on the current load of the service.

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