Connotate, an Automated Web Scraping & Web Data Extraction Tool

Connotate is a technology for massively scalable content extraction from sites in any language. Connotate platform can handle hundreds of thousands of different sites daily regardless of their complexity. Connotate is used in a wide range of applications such as:

  • news and content aggregation
  • retail and distribution chain monitoring
  • financial and market research
  • sales intelligence and lead generation
  • competitive and pricing intelligence
  • compliance and risk management
  • background checks


Connotate Technologies Inc. provides data extraction software that uses a patented visual approach and is easy to implement. Users without technical background and coding skills, using built-in web-browser, can just tag the content which they need and the software will take care web extraction.


Connotate technology uses machine learning to create efficient automated web extraction code and supporting context which is called Agents. This technology uses machine-learning algorithms for handling dynamic content and is suitable for extracting sites that use complex dynamic technologies such as Ajax and JavaScript. Connotate has a built-in change detection and change highlighting tool.


With Connotate data extraction tools, the entire data supply chain is completely automated at every stage of the process. The software can work with a variety of delivery formats, including HTML, XML, Email, XLS, and CSV. The extracted data can be also delivered into the customer’s SQL or MongoDB databases. Besides, Connotate has a rich Web Services API.


Connotate offers solutions that make web data accessible to applications and computerized systems that allow businesses and organizations to make informed decisions, reduce costs, monitor processes, and get revenue from new services and products. There are on-premise and hosted solutions for automating the process of monitoring and extracting web data.

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