Death by Captcha, a Captcha Bypass Service

Death by Captcha is a captcha bypass service that operates through the Death by Captcha API. The hybrid system is made of advanced OCR system and a team of captcha solvers who work 24/7. Users have to pass their captcha image through one of the API clients where it is solved manually or by Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Then Death by Captcha service sends the solved captcha back where it can be used.


The process can be automated either by utilizing existing built-in automation software or by developing user’s own automated application.  If Death by Captcha is not built-in into the software that users bought, they can use the service through Antigate and DeCaptcher APIs or contact their vendors to integrate Death by Capthca's API.


Death by Captcha is a registration-based service so users have to create an account at Death by Captcha website and order a captcha package for their specific needs. The fee for using this service is $1.39 for 1000 solved captchas. The company claims that their API’s average solved response time is 11 seconds and the average accuracy rate is 90%. Users can see statistics that show how many captchas have been solved correctly compared to those which were sold incorrectly. Users do not pay if their captchas were solved incorrectly but they have to report an incorrectly solved captcha within an hour that it has been submitted.


Death by Captcha supports API clients written in the most popular programming languages such as Python, PHP, C, Java, .NET C# & VB, Perl, iMacros, AutoIt3, and more. The service supports most types of captchas (including NoCAPTCHA and ReCaptchaV2) in English and they support Russian and Chinese captchas as well. The documentation is available only to registered users who have to be logged in to see the pricing plans to choose from, order a package, and integrate with their link-building or web-scraping software.

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