Grepsr, Web Scraping Service Platform

Grepsr is a cloud-based web scraping service designed to crawl and extract data from websites, documents, emails, etc. The Grepsr users are businesses, freelancers, marketers, investors who use this service to gather lead generation data, monitor their competitors’ pricing and inventory. The obtained data is further used to adjust the retail and product strategies, monitor distribution chain of their products, financial and market data to understand the market trends, and create feeds from different local classified sites.


Grepsr is a very simple platform with a minimal set of essential features that doesn't require from users any previous technical knowledge or learning to configure complicated tools. First, users have to sign up and create a project. Grepsr offers users an intuitive way to visually specify the requirements for data extraction on the screen using screenshots and markings. Alternatively, users can explain specific details about their projects in the text. After that, Grepsr’s data analysts process the requirements and help finalize them. Then, they create scrapers – automated data extractors that will crawl and extract data for the service’s users on the base of the requirements provided.


Grepsr experts will take care of all the technical details and will configure, manage, and monitor the crawlers. Users can specify the time and frequency for data extraction by scheduling the crawling calendar and the platform’s automated system will perform all the process independently. Users can download extracted data in PDF, CSV, HTML or XML and upload it to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive or sent to users via email.


Here are Grepsr’s key features:

  • Completely streamlined process of data extraction
  • Mark and tag information about a project
  • Scheduled automated or on-demand extractions via the service’s API
  • Instant information about extractions via email
  • Different formats for data export (PDF, CSV, XML, HTML or JSON)
  • Automated workflow that doesn’t require technical knowledge
  • Firefox, Chrome, and Safari extensions
  • No downloads, all extractions are run on the Grepsr cloud

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