iMacros, Web Automation, Data Extraction, and Web Testing Solution

iMacros is a popular solution for web automation, web testing, and data extraction developed by iOpus/Ipswitch. It was designed in 2001 as the first browser-based macro solution for recording and replaying repetitious work during web surfing. iMacros has several versions:

  • free browser add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome
  • three paid versions – Personal edition, Professional Edition, and Enterprise Edition with different sets of additional advanced features
  • free iMacros Player as an add-on to Enterprise Edition that allows to distribute macros within the same company
  • iMacros WebBrowser Component for companies willing to embed iMacros into their .NET applications


iMacros works with every website, including those that use various dialog boxes and frames as well as Flash, Javascript, Flex, AJAX, and Java. iMacros can perform tasks connected with browser automation that allows users to have full programmatic control over their web browser and automate such tasks as:

  • filling web forms that stretch over several pages
  • importing and exporting data to and from web applications using databases, CSV & XML files, and other sources
  • updating Access and Excel from the web


iMacros offers a complete set of tools for web scraping and a data extraction. Users can extract the latest exchange rates, stock quotes, pricing data, product descriptions, and images which can be written to standard text files or saved directly to databases with full-featured web-browser API. iMacros provides multi-thread support up to 50 instances simultaneously and can extract text in any language, including Asian.


The software allows to automate performance, functional, and regression testing of web applications based on any website technology, including Flash, Java, Silverlight, Flex, and all AJAX elements such as drag & drop activity and sliders. Using built-in STOPWATCH command, users can exact web page response time for each step of a testing process. Besides, iMacros can be exported to Selenium WebDriver Java Code.

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