ApexSQL Data Diff, a Database Comparison Tool

ApexSQL Data Diff is a comparison tool for SQL Server databases designed to compare and integrate database data quickly and without errors. ApexSQL Data Diff can also support comparing SQL Server on Amazon RDS, SQL Azure databases, CLI, and database backups. ApexSQL Data Diff supports all common versions of source control systems including Git, Subversion, Team Foundation Server, Perforce, and Mercurial. The tool can automate and make schedules for database migrations and can be used for propagating changes in data from one data environment to another. ApexSQL Data Diff can find and repair damaged and/or lost data and retrieve rows from SQL backups without restoring the original database in SQL Server. If a problem occurs with a database, ApexSQL Data Diff can cancel any changes that were already made by automatically making a backup before a database is synchronized. With this tool, users are able to create complex reports that record the differences between the SQL Server databases and their backups and schedule the time for database migration with the help of the Command Line Interface. ApexSQL Data Diff also allows developing executable installation packages which can be run by users without installing any other additional software.


The ApexSQL Data Diff has several important features that allow users to:

  • Use advanced filtering to selectively limit the data that will be compared and synchronized
  • Choose and specify different criteria for comparison
  • Create custom comparison keys
  • Create complex filters for comparison and synchronization of specific data
  • Save the selected options to a project to be re-executed instantly in other sessions
  • Export results of SQL data comparison to several various types of HTML reports, CVS, and to Excel
  • Review and edit scripts using the built-in SQL editor


ApexSQL Data Diff is available in three editions: Community (free of charge), Standard, and Professional that differ in the number of supported features.

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