ApexSQL Monitor, SQL Server and System Performance Monitoring Tool

ApexSQL monitor is an agentless SQL server and system performance monitoring tool designed to monitor SQL server performance metrics (memory, statistics, buffer, and pages), operating system performance metrics (memory, CPU, paging, disk, and network), and database performance metrics in real time. The tool also tracks wait statistics at cumulative and individual query levels. ApexSQL Monitor enables a fast way to identify and help solve SQL server performance issues by finding the performance bottlenecks in a few clicks what significantly improve database and application performance.


ApexSQL Monitor has several key features such as

  • Historical trends and resources correlations for SQL server tuning. This feature allows DBAs to analyze historical database performance, to compare the performance in different time periods, and to establish the correlation between that data and database performance trends over time.
  • Drill down ability with time slicing for detailed performance analytics. This feature offers the ability to drill down through collected performance data and then narrow it down to some specific time period to identify and analyze the top performance issues. 
  • Alerting and baseline. This feature provides comprehensive alerting abilities which allow users to fine-tune alerting thresholds or to use historical data to set up more precise alerting.
  • Reporting generation. Apex SQL Monitor generates reports with information about the system as well as about the collected data metrics that had the highest impact on the monitored SQL server.
  • Performance metrics information and tuning advice. This information is about system SQL server metrics and wait for stats type specifics include expert advice on how to handle the underlying issues.
  • Agentless application architecture with less than 1% overhead. 


ApexSQL Monitor doesn’t require any additional software to be installed on the monitored server or the computer that hosts the monitored SQL server. The carefully optimized application engine ensures that the load imposed on the monitor server stays within 1%.


ApexSQL Monitor has an intuitive dashboard that allows to view various metrics, analyze queries, calculate threshold, and visualize performance data.

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