dbForge Studio for MySQL, a Tool for Database Administration, Development, and Management.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is a universal GUI tool that was designed for development, administration, and management of MySQL and MariaDB databases. Developers and database administrators can use dbForge Studio's advanced set of instruments for tasks of any complexity to automate and simplify working procedures when managing, maintaining, and monitoring MySQL and MariaDB. The software is compatible with the most popular MySQL search engines and cloud services.


dbForge Studio for MySQL has plenty of useful features most of which were designed for MySQL developers to help them solve practically all development tasks. Here are some key features of dbForge Studio for MySQL:

  • Intelligent SQL coding reduces the time necessary for writing and checking code with auto-completion and formatting tools
  • Visual Query Builder allows to build complex queries and represent them graphically within the application
  • MySQL Debugger offers a step-by-step code execution mechanism that allows developers to minimize efforts and write a stable, bug-free code
  • Database Designer simplifies creation, analysis, reverse-engineering, customization of MySQL databases and performance of any database development tasks
  • MySQL Synchronization tools allow to compare, analyze, and synchronize data of two databases and data schemas and generate comparisons reports
  • Data Export/Import tools allow users to export data from 12 popular formats such as HTML, Text, MS Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, and more and to import data from 8 widely used formats such as MS Access, MS Excel, Text, XML, and more.


There are 3 editions of dbForge Studio that differ in a number of available features:

  • Express edition is free software that offers basic functionality for performing actions with user accounts, schema objects, maintenance wizard, SQL scripts, and queries.
  • Standard edition has all the necessary tools for developers and administrators such as Query Builder, MySQL stored routine debugger, object search, code snippets, Data Export and Data Import wizards, and more.
  • Professional edition offers a complete set of features for database management and development that simplifies the process with database projects, data comparison and schema comparison, debugging, creating complex queries, code suggestion feature, etc.

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