Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services or SSIS is a tool for data integration, data migration, and data transformation built into Microsoft SQL Server database. SSIS can perform a wide variety of integration-related operations including data analyzing, cleansing, extraction, transformation, and loading data to data warehouses. At a high level, SSIS can retrieve, transform, and consolidate data from any source, including multiple relational databases, flat files, and XML data files. After the information has been processed, SSIS can load it into a data warehousing platform.


Microsoft SQL SSIS consists of SQL Server Data Tools used for building and testing integration programs and a server component for deploying and running these programs. Besides, Microsoft SQL SSIS includes Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio software that is used to monitor and manage integration routines.


Microsoft SQL SSIS was first introduced into Microsoft SQL Server package in 2005, and since that time, Microsoft has added to it a number of useful features such as:

  • graphical tools and wizards that allow developers to build and debug packages
  • the ability to email different messages
  • the ability to perform SQL statements
  • a management service
  • data import/export wizard
  • APIs for SSIS object models
  • packaged data source connectors, and more


Microsoft SQL SSIS is a version-specific tool and is available only in Standard, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise editions of Microsoft SQL Server. All editions include designer and runtime components, prebuilt transformations, and basic data profiling tools. Enterprise edition also includes advanced transformations and advanced adapters.

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