SQL Monitor, a Comprehensive Database Monitoring Tool

Redgate SQL Monitor is a web-based SQL Server monitoring tool designed for real-time SQL Server performance monitoring that can provide users with alerts, diagnostics, and relevant recommendations. SQL Monitor provides a web-based overview of all users’ SQL Servers and cuts daily checks of databases to minutes.


SQL Monitor collects a wide range of diagnostic data at different levels to evaluate current activity of target SQL Servers, and then identifies errors and issues on the database systems.


Users can monitor performance at every level: global, SQL Server, machine, cluster, and individual database with help of one central fully intuitive web interface. This interface is accessible from any computer or mobile device so it gives users the freedom to monitor their servers beyond the limits of their desktops.


SQL Monitor updates critical information every 15 seconds in real time so the users are always up-to-date on their SQL Server activity and receive alerts via the UI and email within seconds as issues arise. They get a full account of the performance problem and important information on how to solve it.


All data about performance monitoring are stored in a SQL Server database and users can generate custom reports with SSRS or the UI. SQL Monitor allows users to check historical performance data for a specific period of time with SSRS or the inbuilt Analysis tab. It is possible to export SQL Server performance monitoring data as a .csv.


SQL Monitor includes a library of custom metrics. Users can import those metrics in just one click to extend what they monitor or create their own custom metrics in SQL.


Here are SQL Monitor’s key features:

  • intuitive overviews
  • web-based monitoring
  • embedded guides to metrics
  • the ability to capture and compare performance baselines
  • alerts via email or the UI
  • performance diagnosis using statistics
  • full historical performance data
  • reporting with SSRS or the UI


SQL Monitor is a reliable tool that can be used for SQL Server environments of any size.

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