MariaDB, an Open Source Relational Database for Enterprise Solutions

MariaDB is the fastest growing open source database with over 12 million global users developed by the founders of MySQL. The prominent users of MariaDB include Google,, Wikipedia, and Mozilla. The system is available in Ubuntu and Debian and it's the default database on Manjaro, Arch Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, and more. MariaDB is supported by Alibaba Cloud,, Tencent Cloud, IBM, MariaDB Corporation, and more.


MariaDB Corporation is reinventing this relational database to meet today’s enterprise demands from analytics to OLTP. The company builds MariaDB server and complementary products such as MariaDB ColumnStore and MariaDB MaxScale that are very important for different mission-critical environments. Businesses and developers use MariaDB server to support applications ranging from new web-scale applications to the platform legacy applications that they want to transition from Oracle or other legacy databases.


MariaDB is a trusted general-purpose database that is used in a wide array of applications ranging from banking to different websites. It has a rich ecosystem of plugins, storage engines, and other valuable tools that make it very versatile. MariaDB is secure at every layer and can detect and prevent attacks with access control, authentication, and Key Management Services. It is also protected by TLS/SSL and native encryption.


The key features that drive the selection of MariaDB are high security trusted by governments and banks, comprehensive support, and the advanced unique architecture that is extensible at every layer: cluster, client, kernel, and storage. The community and users can extend its functionality to meet their specific needs. The frequency and quality of contributions made by community are one of MariaDB greatest advantages over other proprietary and open-source databases. The active MariaDB community continuously innovates and actively contributes to improving various layers of MariaDB architecture like a cluster, parser, and storage engine. Facebook, Alibaba, and Google are among companies that contribute to MariaDB Server.

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