Oracle DB, a Relational Database Management System

Oracle database is a relational database management system. Today Oracle DB is considered to be one of the most trusted and popular relational database engines. Oracle DB was designed to be used on-premises and in a cloud and can be deployed on a choice of clustered or single servers. Being built on a relational database framework, Oracle has a fully scalable architecture and is frequently used by global enterprises, which have to manage and process massive data amounts across wide and local area networks.


Oracle DB can run on most major platforms, including UNIX, Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Users can choose among different software versions that differ in available functions and pricing.


  • Oracle Personal edition is for Windows and Linux and supports the single-user development and deployment environments.
  • Express Edition (XE) is the lightweight entry-level edition that is free to deploy and distribute and is limited for Windows and Linux.
  • Standard Edition has basic functionality for users that do not need Enterprise Edition’s robust package. It ensures performance for department-level, work-group, and Web applications
  • Enterprise Edition provides all features, including high performance and security necessary for mission-critical applications such as query-intensive data warehouses, high-volume online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, and demanding Internet applications


Oracle DB offers comprehensive features necessary for managing data in business intelligence, transaction processing, and content management applications. Oracle database 12c has over 500 new features, including multi-tenant architecture that simplifies the process of consolidating databases in the cloud and helps customers manage multiple databases as one without changing their applications. Oracle Database 12c also has a new Database In-Memory column store, which speeds database queries to help businesses make better and faster decisions. Oracle also offers improved security features and includes a comprehensive suite of defense-in-depth data security tools that use state-of-the-art technologies for auditing, encryption, and access control.

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