Betdaq is the betting exchange company that is the second in size in the United Kingdom and one of the largest betting exchange technology providers in the world with more than 2 million customers worldwide. The company started in 2000 and its main office is located in Dublin. The company employs about 200 people.


Betdaq provides betting options on a large variety of international sport and other events. It differs from ordinary betting exchanges because Betdaq allows bettors and gamblers from different countries to bet against one another and not against a bookmaker. A commission is charged on all bets that win. Usually, the commission rate starts at 5% but it can be lowered to 2 % and it depends on how many bets have been matched. There is a live betting section on their website that allows punters to bet during a sports event in real time.


Betdaq has a lot of sports betting brokerages and sites which are operated from their central exchange headquarters. Betdaq also has trading software called Betdaq Angel and offers mobile apps for Android and iOS with which users can get access to almost all key features of the betting exchange. Exchange trading software allows punters to bet from a spreadsheet.


The key features of Betdaq Angel trading software include

  • one click betting
  • net market position indicator
  • user definable charting tools
  • triggered betting
  • trade calculators
  • multi-market trading and betting


Betdaq Angel offers trading software for the beginners and for the advanced traders.

  • Bet Angel Basic is free of charge and is a good option for occasional bets.
  • Bet Angel Trader has all the essential tools for a cost-effective trading experience.
  • Bet Angel Professional has advanced tools and a vast range of features for professional traders. Bet Angel Professional also includes some unique specialist tennis, soccer, and racing tools, an opportunity to automate a trading or betting activity, and an option to get a detailed market overview.

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