Betfair, online Betting Exchange Platform

Betfair technology is used to create applications that seamlessly integrate with Betfair Exchange Platform and Betfair Exchange Games Platforms. This technology was a pioneer on the betting exchange and the company remains the largest player on the growing online global gambling and betting market with more than a million active customers.


With Betfair API the customers are able to:

  • Find markets and place bets or retrieve odds
  • Fulfill account related operations
  • Automate your strategy


The Betfair Exchange API is the platform used to build customized automated betting tools and custom betting interfaces. They can be used to access data at the Betfair Sports Exchange which offers a wide range of betting options for users. The Betfair API has a powerful set of features that allow to find markets and access market data, including pricing and volume. Besides, the Betfair Exchange API can be used to place bets, and check current bet details, betting history, and account balances.


Individual users can take advantage of the Betfair Exchange API for developing own betting strategies and tools and the access for private betting customers is free. Free API has no fees but the number of requests is limited. There are a lot of commercial trading applications based on the Betfair Exchange API as well. The API is used by bookmakers to support their own operations but vendors, bookmakers, and businesses are required to get a commercial license to use the Betfair API for commercial purposes.


The Betfair Exchange API has the following key components:

  • Betting API includes operations for navigation, retrieving odds, and placing bets.
  • Accounts API allows account related operations and Vendor Services operations for Licensed Vendors.
  • Race Status API allows to establish the status of a greyhound market or a horse race before and during the race.
  • Heartbeat API allows to cancel unmatched bets automatically if applications lose connectivity with the API.
  • Exchange stream API is used to subscribe to data that show market changes in prices and definitions and orders.


The Betfair Games API is used to create programs for read-only services that allow to retrieve data for a games market and programs for transaction services that allow to place bets, cancel and modify unmatched bets, and transfer money.

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