Bitfinex, a Cryptocurrency Platform

Bitfinex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, trading, and storage platform. Due to access to multiple altcoins, deep liquidity, and advanced trading features, Bitfinex allows serious traders to trade the cryptocurrency market without limitations. The platform is also available on mobile apps for Android and iOS.


Bitfinex is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that features a customizable GUI that allows users to personalize their workstation. Traders can organize their workspace according to their needs: make their layout, choose between light and dark themes, set up custom sounds alerts, browser notifications, and data preferences. Users can visualize their trading experience with integrated TradingView charts.


Bitfinex is equipped with margin trading and supports over 50 trading pairs (e.g. BTC/ETH), and multiple order types, such as scaled orders, fill or kill, trailing stop, hidden order, stop, market, limit, post only, and one cancels other. Traders can also use such algorithmic orders as TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) and iceberg orders.


Developers can take advantage of Bitfinex APIs to create digital asset trading apps and tools that will enable users to monitor their positions and orders and make changes in them, to build their own charts, to track their wallets movements and trading history. Websocket API and REST API are designed to give developers full access to all features of the Bitfinex platform and help them recreate the entire platform for their clients.


Bitfinex has strict security policies to protect client funds and user information.  Most of the cryptocurrency funds are stored offline in cold wallets that cannot be reached from the platform or the platform servers but require manual intervention of several managers to access them. Bitfinex uses 2-factor authentication for withdrawals and logins and email encryption with OpenPGP to monitor withdrawals by IP to add an extra layer of security and privacy.  All new withdrawal IPs are locked for 24 hours as well.