ASP.NET Web Forms, a Programmable User Interface for Web Forms Application

ASP.NET Web Forms is included in Visual Studio as a part of the Microsoft’s ASP.NET web application framework which consists of 4 programming models for developing different ASP.NET web applications. The other models are ASP.NET Single Page Applications, ASP.NET Web Pages, and ASP.NET MVC.


ASP.NET Web Forms are actually pages that the application users request with their browser. They can be created using a combination of server code, server controls, client script, and HTML. When users make requests for a page, the ASP.NET framework compiles and executes it on the server. After that, the framework produces the HTML markup that the browser can interpret. ASP.NET Web Forms pages present information to the users in any client device or browser.


ASP.NET Web Forms can be created by developers in Visual Studio IDE that allows them to drag and drop to a server a wide range of controls when laying out their Web Forms pages. Developers can also easily set events, methods, and properties for controls. These methods, properties, and events will determine the web page’s look and feel. The server code used to manage the logic of the page can be written in a .NET language such as C# or Visual Basic.


  • ASP.NET Web Forms have a large variety of server controls for performing common tasks, for example, data access.
  • ASP.NET Web Forms support a variety of capabilities such as state management, error handling, debugging, testing, internationalization, performance, security, and routing.
  • In ASP.NET Web Forms, HTML and other UI code are separated from the logic of an application.


The Web Forms-based framework has a lot of advantages for small teams of Web developers who want to benefit from the large number of components that are available for quick application development. ASP.NET Web Forms are less complex for application development, because their components are well integrated. The Web Forms-based framework usually requires less code than the MVC model.

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