DevExpress is the US software development company that produces components and coding assistance tools for C++ Builder, Delphi, Microsoft Visual Studio developers and products for developers that use HTML5/JavaScript technologies. Currently, DevExpress develops feature-complete IDE productivity tools, presentation controls, reporting systems for Visual Studio, business application frameworks as well as HTML JS mobile frameworks.


There are three subscription suites – DevExtreme, DXperience, and Universal and individual platform subscriptions for WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, Win 10 Apps, Reporting, Document Server, Report Server, CodeRush, VCL, and TestCafe.


DevExtreme suite includes HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript tools for creating iOS, Android, and Windows Phone applications.


DXperience suite is a feature complete set of software development tools for .NET developers. The subscription includes 160+ DevExpress Controls and Libraries for WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, and Window 10 and Visual Studio IDE productivity tool – CodeRush. DXperience suite also includes an object-relational mapping tool eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) that handles all aspects of database development and allows developers to concentrate on their applications logic and not on the database complexities.


DevExpress Universal is a comprehensive toolset for .NET developers. It contains the DevExpress DevExtreme and DXperience and products. The subscription includes all DevExpress Visual Studio products for web, desktop, and mobile developers in one integrated package – 500+ individual products for different platforms:

  • Windows Forms & WPF for desktop development
  • NET, MVC, Bootstrap, HTML5-JavaScript for web development
  • DevExpress Reporting and Dashboard for analytics
  • XAF for LOB Application Frameworks


It also includes CodeRush Ultimate, Document Server that is a cross-platform library for processing different types of files such as PDF, XLS, DOC, and RTF, the eXpressApp Framework for creating business applications, and TestCafe that is a testing framework for HTML5/JavaScript apps.


DevExpress  DXprerience and DevExpress Universal include source code for all controls and libraries that ship as part of the subscriptions. Universal subscription includes priority technical support services.

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