Google Cloud Speech API, a Speech Recognition Software

Google Cloud Speech API is one of several pre-trained machine-learning models that can perform such tasks as text, image, and video analysis, as well as dynamic translation. Its Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) service built on the core technology is also used for speech recognition in other Google products such as Google Assistant, Google Now, and Google Search and has been adapted for the needs of Google Cloud customers.


Google Cloud Speech API allows developers to convert audio to text by using powerful neural network patterns. Deep neural networks are machine learning algorithms that are particularly effective for detecting patterns in audio and video signals. The neural network is constantly updated when new speech examples are collected by Google. In this process, new words are learned and, as a result, the recognition accuracy is constantly increasing.


The API supports over 110 languages and their variants with an extensive vocabulary and provides high recognition accuracy in the noisy environment without additional advanced signal processing. Google Cloud Speech API is compatible with any devices that can send a REST or gRPC request such as PCs, phones, tablets as well as different IoT devices, TVs, cars, speakers.


Google Cloud Speech API allows to transcribe the text that users dictate to an application’s microphone or transcribe audio files that are uploaded on Google Cloud Storage. It supports multiple audio encodings such as PCMU, AMR, FLAC, and Linear-16.


Google Cloud Speech API can stream text results and return them in real time while the user is speaking. Users can also filter inappropriate content in text results for different languages and tailor speech recognition to context by providing a set of certain phrases and words that are most likely to be spoken with every API call.

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