Google Places API, a Location Searching Software

Google Places API is a service that provides access to detailed information about more than 100 million places around the world defined by the API as prominent places of interest, geographic locations or establishments with help of HTTP requests. There is a full list of places that belong to a wide range of categories from the same database used in Google Maps. Developers can use Google Places API to add up-to-date information about millions of places to their apps.


Google Places APIs includes:


  • Places API Web Service (HTTP requests)
  • Google Places API for iOS
  • Google Places API for Android (in Google Play Services)
  • Places Library in the Google Maps JavaScript API


Google Places API Web Service allows to use the following requests: Place Searches, Place Add, Place Details, Place Photos, Query Autocomplete, and Place Autocomplete. Every service is accessed as an HTTP request and provides XML or JSON responses. To identify specific places, Places API Web Service uses places’ IDs that uniquely identify different locations.


The Google Places JavaScript library enables developers to create applications that search for places within a certain area, for example, around a fixed point or on a particular map.


With the Places API for Android, developers can create various apps which provide contextual responses about the different places located near the mobile device, for example, local businesses. The Places API for Android allows building applications based on definite places that the users may be interested in. The API includes PlacePicker UI widget, the GeoDataClient, the Autocomplete UI widget, and the PlaceDetectionClient and ensures a place can be detected accurately at low power using WiFi scan. The API for Android is available for different Android versions supported by Google Play.

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