Microsoft Azure, Cloud Computing Platform & Services

Azure is a public cloud computing platform, created by Microsoft. The platform provides a wide range of services through a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft. These services include those for computing, storage, analytics, and networking. Microsoft Azure services are used to build new applications or run existing applications in the public cloud.


Microsoft Azure is considered a SaaS cloud storage platform and supports multiple programming languages, including JavaScript, .NET, Python, and Node.js, frameworks as well as tools that include Microsoft-specific software and third-party solutions. The key advantage of using Microsoft Azure is its full integration with other Microsoft services.


The full list of Microsoft Azure services has more than 600 products and is regularly updated. Microsoft classifies Azure services into following general product types:


  • Web and mobile services - these services support the development of mobile and web apps and offer features for API management.
  • Computing services - this group of Microsoft Azure services provides virtual machines, batch processing, containers, and remote application access.
  • Storage services - this category includes database as service for NoSQL and SQL as well as cached and unstructured cloud storage.
  • Networking - this group includes gateways and dedicated connections, virtual networks, and services for load balancing, traffic management, and DNS hosting.
  • Analytics - these services are designed to provide distributed analytics and storage, big data analytics, real-time analytics, data warehousing, and machine learning services.
  • Hybrid integration includes services for server backups and site recovery.
  • Media and content delivery network services - this group of services deals with encoding and media playback, as well as with on-demand streaming, and indexing.
  • Identity and access management services protect authorized Microsoft Azure users and their confidential information.
  • Development services help software engineers share code, test apps, and track potential problems.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) services help users monitor and analyze data from different IoT devices.
  • Management and security - this group includes products for identifying cloud security threats and those that help Microsoft Azure administrators to deploy and maintain automation.

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