In case your business deals with scanned documents on a daily basis, you must be looking for a way to streamline the tasks associated with processing the information they contain. Then, an optical character recognition solution is what you need. Such a solution will also fit your needs if you are looking for an automated way to solve CAPTCHA on a massive scale with no human involvement.

  Technologies We Use

We employ the help of two main OCR solutions to present our clients with a ready-to-use automated OCR tool:


  • Ghostscript for interpreting and extracting data from PDF files into PostScript documents;
  • Tesseract for extracting data in the handwritten, printed or typed format from images.


In case you need to create and edit PDF documents, we can integrate your solution with iText. It allows creating PDF files from data contained in HTML/CSS, XML formats or online forms and other databases. Besides, its PDF editing capabilities are advanced and include adding watermarks, bookmarks, encryption, page numbers, etc.


optical character recognition

  What We Offer

We are here to resolve any of your needs in extracting data from scanned documents and images. Here is what we can do for you in terms of OCR and PDF services:


  • Automate creating PDF files from other sources (databases, XML files, etc.);
  • Deliver an automated OCR tool for recognizing handwritten/printed/typed data and extracting it into PDF files;
  • Create an automated OCR CAPTCHA solver;
  • Recognize and extract data from images.


Of course, the list of our OCR- and PDF-related services doesn’t end here. We welcome challenges, so all you need to do is reach out to us to present your case and partner up with us. Be it an OCR CAPTCHA solver or a handwritten data extraction solution, we are here to help you streamline your processes, thus saving your time and reducing your costs.