Ghostscript, an Open Source PostScript Language and PDF Interpreter Software

Ghostscript is a set of software for PostScript language and for Portable Document Format files (PDF) interpreting. Ghostscript has the abilities to convert PDF and Postscript language files into multiple raster formats, display such files, and print these documents on printers that do not have a built-in PostScript language capability. Ghostscript can also convert PDF files into PostScript language files and vice versa. 


Ghostscript appeared as an open-source alternative to Adobe’s PostScript products and now is considered to be a standard implementation of PDF and PostScript languages. Ghostscript has become the third biggest creator of PDF files across the globe, according to the report released by the PDF Association and the Adobe in June 2016. Since its 9.22 version was released, Ghostscript has become the first and only PDF interpreter which can read and render documents in the latest PDF 2.0 specifications. The Ghostscript's code was updated with Page-level Output Intents, UTF-8 improvements, Halftone origin, and Black point compensation.


Ghostscript features high conversion capabilities and provides the complete set of Page Description Language interpreters in today’s market. The software offers a wide range of font solutions for commercial use, including PCL fonts, Postscript fonts, and Asian fonts.


Ghostscript can address complex imaging problems. Besides, Ghostscript provides multi-platform support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, VxWorks, Mac OSX, and RTOS.  The software is flexible and customizable due to built-in modules, including back-end file format, device drivers, and libraries. Ghostscript can accept any legal PDF, PostScript, XPS, or PCL file that conforms the published specifications for these languages. Ghostscript can be used for a wide range of cloud and host-based solutions including multiple leading PDF tools and generators used in a big number of major document management systems.

Ghostscript is available as open source software and under commercial license.

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