iText, an Open Source PDF Files Library

iText is a PDF library that allows developers to integrate PDF functionalities within development processes, applications, and products. Being a leading tool for creation of PDF documents, iText allows users to create, maintain, inspect, and adapt all types of PDF documents programmatically with multiple templates and dynamic information. iText software can:


  • Generate different reports and documents based on data from a database or XML files
  • Fill out various interactive forms and update documents based on different parameters specified by users
  • Create maps and books, taking advantage of multiple interactive features available in PDF
  • Add bookmarks, watermarks, page numbers, and other features to already existing PDF documents
  • Split existing PDF documents or add additional pages to them
  • View dynamically generated  PDF documents in a web browser
  • Digitally sign and encrypt PDF documents


iText software is used by Java, Android, .NET, and GAE developers to improve their applications with PDF functionality. These applications can be used in finance and accounting, sales, and marketing, IT operations and HR to save time and increase productivity.


iText supports most advanced PDF features such as 40-bit and 128-bit encryption, PKI-based signatures, color correction, PDF forms (AcroForms), Tagged PDF,  PDF/X, barcodes, and color management via ICC profiles.


iText Core allows developers to build lots of custom PDF scenarios for a large variety of web, desktop, mobile and cloud apps with a full set of high-level and low-level APIs in C# and Java. Embedding iText into their custom applications, developers can automate the high volume document processes from embedding digital signatures, personalizing with data sources, merging and splitting to stamping content and watermarks. With iText, users can create and convert documents from HTML, XML, CSS, web forms or databases to PDF and make them compliant with the latest international standards of archiving, invoicing, accessibility, and security.

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