Programming Languages

We know we wouldn’t be able to deliver such excellent solutions without being proficient in key backend languages. Our scope of expertise includes not only the profound knowledge of the popular programming languages themselves but also their best use cases and potential pitfalls when employing their help.

  What Languages We Work With

As we specialize in backend development services, we’ve focused on extending our expertise in the respective languages. Here are the most popular programming languages we use on a regular basis:


  • C#, a Microsoft programming language used for developing various .NET-based applications;
  • HTML/CSS, markup languages for transforming wireframes into real usable web app interfaces;
  • JavaScript, a scripting language and one of the best programming technologies for creating interactive dynamic web pages;
  • Golang, another language for developing web apps and web server solutions praised for its combination of efficiency, safety, and ease of use;
  • U-SQL, a data processing language mostly applied in Azure services;
  • XPath, a query language for data stored in XML format;
  • XML, a markup language for describing, organizing, and transporting data.


popular programming languages


Apart from using these languages, we are also experienced enough to know which of them will be the best programming technologies in each particular case. So, you are uncertain which language your project requires, fear not – we’ll help you determine the most suitable tech stack based on the specifics of your desired solution.