Luminati, a Business Proxy Network

Luminati is a business proxy network which allows users to browse anonymously from anywhere in the world and scrape any data. It differs from TOR in the model of service. TOR’s 20K IPs are marked and identified and Luminati is P2P (peer to peer) network with more than 30,000,000 residential IPs and these IPs are not identified as Proxies. Luminati’s architecture includes a built-in IP rotation management layer that allows users to take advantage of this network to send their HTTP / HTTPS requests using millions of IPs in different countries and cities worldwide. Luminati API is available in Perl, Ruby, PHP, VB, Java, C#, Python, Node.js, and Shell.


Luminati allows users to access three types of IPs through the same simple interface. The network types include over 30,000,000 of residential IPs, more than 150,000 data center IPs, and 2 million mobile IPs from all over the world.


Using the right architecture on their sides, users can have failure rates of less than 1% which means that they will almost never be cloaked or blocked.  Users can also switch between different networks to optimize their work. The Luminati proxy makes possible sending an unlimited number of concurrent requests and allows to achieve very high success rate.


Users who have Luminati account can also install an open source Luminati Proxy Manager an advanced tool, using which users can drive Luminati static IPs or Luminati residential IPs. Luminati Proxy Manager allows users to accelerate, debug, log, report etc. traffic to their proxies around the world. It has additional advanced features which reduce development costs. When doing common tasks of scraping, engineers save a lot of time because they don’t need to write code from scratch.


Here are key features of Luminati Proxy Manager:


  • SOCKSv5 proxy
  • SSL analyzing
  • Load balancing with multiple Super Proxies
  • Statistics
  • Easy set up for multiple configurations
  • Connection pool that ensures faster response time
  • Highly scalable


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