Version Control Systems and PM Tools

We are transparent about the project and version management tools we use to guarantee the development process goes as it’s supposed to and the communication is efficient. Thanks to these tools, our solutions are not at risk of a missed deadline, lost files or an outdated version.

  Project Management Tools We Use

We believe that proper project management is the key to the project’s success. This is why we don’t overlook the importance of managing our tasks properly and employing the help of the best version control systems. Below you can see all the key tools that help us stay true to our aspiration to bring only top-notch solutions to our clients.


This project management tool helps us manage our development tasks and work according to Agile methodologies. Besides, it has an advanced report and workflow organization functionality.

   Team Foundation Server

This is one of the project management tools that we use for DevOps development (together with Visual Studio Online, its online alternative). Its perks include numerous collaborative features, including the support of a number of IDEs.


Project Management Tools


This is a card-and-board-based task management tool often used by development teams. It allows us to manage the tasks, comment and share our ideas, prioritize, etc.


We use GitHub to exchange the written code between our team members to ensure everyone has its latest version and they account for the already written code when working on their development tasks. GitHub is among the best version control systems of all times for us.

We use these tools not only to ensure that our solution is delivered on time and no detail is overlooked but also to be transparent with our clients. We provide them with access to our project management tool where they can track our progress.