JIRA, a Software Development Tool

Jira Software is a commercial project developed by Atlassian that provides project management and issue tracking functions and allows members of developer teams to plan, monitor and release world-class software. This popular software tool is written in Java and can integrate with many other Atlassian tools for developers to help teams manage their projects, plan tasks, organize workflows, and create reports more efficiently.


As a project management tool, Jira has many useful features for agile software development. Jira allows flexible planning with Scrum and Kanban boards so teams can review the progress of the entire project and learn about the status of every task. Teams can choose the way that works best for them or use mixed methodology. Besides, teams are given access to different reports, for example, velocity charts, sprint reports, burn-down/up charts, cumulative flow diagrams, version reports etc. and see in real-time how each team is performing.  The Portfolio for Jira allows users to build a roadmap for their software development and connect their work. It enables users to track progress across different projects and teams and easily share their plans with stakeholders.


Jira has intuitive project tracking interface that uses drag-and-drop technology. It has a sidebar where teams can get immediate information about different aspects of project management such as planning, reporting, releasing, and tracking. The software is compatible with developer’s tools that give them access to the information about code changes.


There are additional features. Users can also create custom filters with Jira Query Language, automate processes with Jira’s APIs, customize workflows to fit any style of work, integrate with developers tools, get access to the platform with mobile apps for Android and iOS, and extend the power of the platform with more than 3,000 apps that can be found on Atlassian Marketplace.  


Jira is multilingual and supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.