Visual Studio Online, a Software Development Platform

Visual Studio Online is now called Visual Studio Team Services which is an online version of TFS and is hosted by Microsoft. Visual Studio Team Services offers a variety of cloud-powered collaboration tools that can be used by developers with their existing editor or IDE. This online platform for team collaboration, project management, bug tracking, and source code control allows developers to work more productively on different software projects of different sizes and shapes.


VSTS is the cloud version of Team Foundation Server that provides a scalable and reliable hosted service that is available in local data centers globally. Visual Studio Team Services is a system for application lifecycle management that allows to organize and control all aspects of software development such as requirements, planning, coding, deployment, testing, and maintenance. Services are delivered through a client-server model and many of them are available through an easy-to-use web interface that can be accessed from all major browsers. There are services, for example, work tracking, build definitions, and source control that can be managed through a client as well. Web services can be accessed through main hubs such as code, dashboards, build and release, work, and wiki.


VSTS offers the same essential services as TFS but it also provides developers with added benefits such as immediate access to the latest platform’s features, easy server management, and better connectivity with remote sites. With VSTS, organizations don’t have to invest in servers and host them themselves and can avoid infrastructure costs because they only pay subscription fees for operations. VSTS can be easily used by teams that are distributed across multiple locations.


There also differences between sets of features that are available in two products and some TFS features, for example, integration with Project Server or SharePoint are not supported in Visual Studio Team Services.