Daniel, USA

Excellent communication and status updates. Very thorough and professional work. You will get a project manager and a team of technical staffers that will add value to your projects. We will be working with the team closely on future projects and are very happy with the results.


Rikki, Australia

Db Devs team is very easy to work with, produced excellent results and communicated in a very professionally manner throughout the project. I would highly recommend them, and looking forward to working with the team again in the future.


Kevin, Sweden

The business managers are the most service-minded business manager I've ever worked with. This company is something un-natural, due to their services and the quality that they provide, wow! I have done many big projects worth several hundreds of thousands USD, and will for sure continue working with them. A top notch company in development. Big respect!



Zew, Germany

A new excellent project with Db Devs. Awesome company, awesome result, awesome service. Quality is on TOP level!


Kevin, Sweden

Db Devs is the best developing company I have ever worked with. Our company has outsourced many projects to various companies worldwide, but we have not seen anything like Db Devs. We have received the best professional service 24/7 since we started our projects with the company.

We have run 4 complex and advanced projects with them and they delivered faster than we expected.

Big respect for this company. Will only work with them!


Luigi, Brazil

Working with the Db devs team was an amazing opportunity to get more than the results we wanted with an easy to learn tool and a team with strong communicative skills. Meeting the deadlines, proposing improvements and working on the budget are some of the skills that make me sure we'll proceed with more projects with this team in the future. Recommend!


Kevin, USA

Good job. Very efficient and professional. Couldn't ask for anything better.


Ryan, Singapore

They've again produced top quality work way ahead of schedule, with features beyond the scope of this job. Very highly recommended!


Darko, Croatia

Db Devs did an amazing job on this project and I enjoyed working with them a lot. Communication was top-notch, meeting every deadline, and proving that their skills were reasonably strong. I will likely have additional projects with them in the future.



Josh, USA

Excellent quality of work with regular updates.


Kevan, USA

Excellent. Couldn't ask for anything better. Very professional.


Ryan, Singapore

Once again, they've delivered excellent work and ahead of schedule. Thumbs up ! :-)